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General Business/Contractual Conditions

iD-intertrace (Lothar Müller) guarantees the Client that it will use the best means and efforts to fulfill each clients request in the most efficient and careful manner accordingly.

Lothar Müller and its employees will have no obligation or liability to the Client for any delay or failure of its network due to circumstances beyond its control. Detektei is not responsible for any resolutions or decisions made based on its investigations.

The Detektei determines the methods of fulfilling the Contractual Obligations.

The legal relationship between Client and Detektei is based upon the contractual obligations and completion of the agreed service contract. At least one report in written form is to be provided. The Client agrees the information may not be used for purposes prohibited by laws and any regulations thereof. Detektei are bound to confidentiality. All information is for the sole purpose of the client and not to be distributed to third parties. If it does the Detektei has the right to seek suspension and termination of services immediately.

The client has no right to the sources of information. If the Client provides false information, the Detektei can terminate the ordered services and has the right to bill the client for all services and expenses up to that date. The client can terminate the contractual order at anytime. The Detektei can only terminate for important relevant reasons. Compensation for a breach of contractual trust is not excluded.

In executing of services Detektei is bound by German Data Protection Law and Code of Conduct, that amongst other things, that the Detektei is within reasonable time under the obligation to inform persons investigated by the Detektei that have proceed their personal data and also for which client and for which purpose they were investigated.

The client agrees not hire second parties for the same casework or does their casework.

All legal holidays and non-normal business hours from 8:00 PM to 6:00 AM are billed according to established overtime charges. For casework abroad additional fees can be charged.

The completion can be made dependent on an appropriate advance payment. The right to interrupt work is possible when payments have been delayed. The right to charge additional fees is based on interests and bank charges as per lost monies.

All exceptional court ordered requests of the Detektei relevant to the case require additional billing (expenses). Compensation paid by the Court unless stipulated by Court Order will be deducted from exceptional expenses.

The Client or Detektei have the right to request the impartial and arbitral decision of the German Professional Association “Bund Internationaler Detektive, BID” in cases of non-agreement between Client and iD-intertrace. The decision of Bund Internationaler Detektive shall be regarded as obligatory. Neither party is restricted, however, from seeking legal redress before an established Court. The Court of jurisdiction is the regional seat of Detektei.

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