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„In a rapid changing society the demand for services increases. In the private security industry, too, there is an everrising demand for qualified and competent services.
Those concerned increasingly look to their counterparts outside their own countries and outside Europe for solutions. The international exchange of experiences and international cooperation is a necessity to meet the complex requirements of modern investigation activities. Economic and social changes also changed the job of detectives. The classical image of the general day of a detective is no longer reality. Today, detectives mostly work for industry, banks and insurance companies. New types of crimes in conjunction with economical and technical developments require more attention. Detectives often investigate as partner for law firms and judicial authorities. They help to discover crimes and save industry from extensive financial damages. Thus, detectives make a valuable contribution to upholding public order in our country.“

Message of greetings to the 76th Annual Conference of the World Association of Detectives, Inc., WAD August 2001, Berlin, Minister of the Interior of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr. Otto Schily